The name given to this resource is that of Professor Ronnie Tylecote, who is generally recognised as having founded the discipline of archaeometallurgy. You can read more about Tylecote and his work below. A general history of the discipline is available under the About HMS tab.

Our collections include the metalworking debris collected by Tylecote, along with the analytical samples he prepared, and his photographs and notes. HMS also manages debris collected more recently by other prominent metallurgists. In addition, the society maintains a library of key books on the subject of metals and metallurgy, as well an archive of its own activities.

Archaeometallurgy is a discipline without borders and this is reflected in our collections. COMING SOON The interactive World view provides a vantage point across our holdings and can be used to explore centuries of metallurgical developments across several countries.

Our terms and techniques section outlines how metallurgical specimens such as those held by HMS can be investigated and provides a glossary of metallurgical terms. Ours is a vibrant discipline and our members are involved in numerous ongoing research projects. COMING SOON For details of this work go to members projects, and collections projects for those that use HMS specimens as their starting point.