The Historical Metallurgy Society has produced a range of Occasional Publications, including the research framework 'Metals and Metalworking' and a variety of conference proceedings.

Accidental and Experimental Archaeometallurgy (Occasional Publication 7)

Containing papers and reports from the meeting at West Dean, edited by David Dungworth and Roger Doonan.

Experimental archaeology has acquired a central position amongst the many methods and techniques that have been used to expand our understanding of early metallurgy. Nevertheless, experimental practices remain mysterious to some and poorly disseminated among wider communities. This volume represents an attempt to remedy the paucity of published material and includes many contributions that underscore important theoretical and methodological concerns alongside a number of case studies. Leading figures from across this broad community have come together to provide a coherent publication which details the scope of a number of practices that together are known as experimental archaeometallurgy..

AE Cover

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Metals and Metalworking (Occasional Publication 6)

This UK-wide research framework for metallurgy, covering all periods, was the result of many years consultation and compilation by the HMS Archaeology Committee. Edited by Justine Bayley, David Crossley and Matthew Pointing (2008). This publication is now Out Of Print, however an electronic version can be downloaded as a single document (metalsframeworkall.pdf) or as six separate sections:

  • section 1 (2.3MB)
  • section 2 (8.5MB)
  • section 3 (7.4MB)
  • section 4 (12.7MB)
  • section 5 (0.1MB)
  • section 6 (0.3MB)
  • The Archaeology of Mining and Metallurgy in South-West Britain (Occasional Publication 5)

  • Papers presented at the conference held at Seale-Hayle College, Newton Abbot, Devon. The meeting was organised jointly by the Peak District Mines Historical Society and the Historical Metallurgy Society. The volume was edited by Philip Newman. Issued jointly as PDMHS Bulletin 13(2) 1996.

    Mining before Powder (Occasional Publication 4)

    Papers presented at the Georgius Agricola 500th Anniversary Conference held at Charlotte Mason College, Ambleside, Cumbria. The meeting was organised jointly by the Peak District Mines Historical Society and the Historical Metallurgy Society; the volume was edited by Trevor Ford and Lynn Willies. Issued as PDMHS Bulletin Volume 12, Number 3, 1994, and as an HMS Special Publication.

    Boles & Smeltmills (Occasional Publication 3)

    Report of a seminar on the History and Archaeology of Lead Smelting, held at Reeth, Yorkshire. Edited by Lynn Willies and David Cranstone (1992).

    Metals and the Sea (Occasioanl Publication 2)

    Papers presented at the Conference of the Historical Metallurgy Society held at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. Edited by Janet Lang (1990).

    Iron and Steel on the European Market in the 17th Century

    A Contemporary Swedish Account of Production Forms and Marketing. Edited and translated by Gunnar Pipping, and jointly published with the Historical MetallurgyGroup of the Swedish Ironmasters' Association (1982).

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