Power and Control over Metallurgy Production 


Summer Meeting

Saturday 8th June 2019
Reading Town Hall

Eleanor Blakelock


This meeting will explore how metal production was controlled in different societies, in the UK and further afield. The plan is to explore control in a range of periods, including how the Roman military controlled lead and iron production and the Anglo-Saxon elites use of precious metals in Anglo-Saxon palace workshops and beyond.

The venue for the meeting is Reading, which had one of the richest monasteries with a royal connection and the museum has a display of finds from nearby Silchester. The meeting will be held in the Victorian Town Hall.

Call for papers for oral presentations. We would be interested in papers on all aspects of metallurgy, ferrous and non-ferrous, from sites or collections associated with military, religious or elite settings where control may have been a factor. Or papers discussing the control of metallurgical production in past societies.

Link to the call for papers is available here.

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