12th - 13th April 2014
Co. Cork,

Historical Metallurgy Society is organising a meeting in Ireland on the 12th -13th April 2014. The theme of this meeting is “Irish Iron” and will combine field trips with talks and an exhibition. Base camp is Blarney, just outside Cork city, where we will be staying at the Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel. From here, on Saturday, we will visit east County Clare where an extensive charcoal blast furnace industry was established in the 17th century around several rich haematite mines. Three of the four well-preserved furnaces will be visited, two dated to the early seventeenth century, the other possible nearly a century older. On Sunday morning, the little-known site of the East India Company ironworks near Bandon (Co. Cork) will be visited. This site, dating to the 1610s, is exceptional because of its heavily fortified nature. In the early afternoon, Tim Young, who has examined numerous Irish slag-assemblages, and Paul Rondelez, in the final stages of his PhD-research on late medieval ironworking in Ireland, will present an overview of the history of ironworking in Ireland. This will be accompanied by a exhibition of some of the more exceptional remains of early Irish ironworking, such as blooms, a preserved slag-pit furnace, various tuyere types, etc.

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