The Publications Committee of the Historical Metallurgy Society oversees the production of all of the Society's publications including its journal Historical Metallurgy, its Newsletter - The Crucible, and other Occasional Publications.


Honorary Editors

Dr Justine Bayley FSA [Editor-in-Chief]

Kay Smith FSA [Managing Editor]

Dr Tim Young FSA FGS [Production Editor]


Editorial Board Members

Dr David Bourgait (University Paris10, France)

Prof. Chris Evans (University of South Wales, UK)

Duncan Hook CChem (British Museum, UK)

Dr Jianjun Mei (University of Cambridge, UK)

Susan La Niece (Formerly British Museum, UK)

Dr Janet Lang CEng MIMMM, FSA (Formerly British Museum, UK)

Prof. Marcos MartinĂ³n-Torres (University College London, UK)

Dr Ignacio Montero Ruiz (Instituto de Historia -CSIC, Madrid, Spain)

Dr Colin Phillips (University of Manchester, UK)

Prof. Vincent Serneels (University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Dr Barrie Trinder

Newsletter Editors

Dr Gill Juleff (University of Exeter, UK)

Dr Lorna Anguilano (Brunel University, UK)