The society awards grants from the Coghlan Bequest and R.F. Tylecote Memorial Fund for research and travel. The Coghlan Bequest was set up to facilitate any research into historical metallurgy, including fieldwork, experiments, analysis and travel. Money from the fund is awarded once a year in March; applications must be received by the end of the preceding January to be considered. The R.F. Tylecote Memorial Fund commemorates the renowned archaeometallurgist who was a founder member of the HMS and edited the Journal from its beginning until his death.

It takes the form of Annual Travel Bursaries to help pay for travel, subsistence and conference fees, which will further the aims of the Society, including research, conferences, seminars, excavations, fieldwork and experimental workings. Money from the fund is awarded in March and November; applications must be received by the end of the preceding January and September. As a guide, up to £150 is usually awarded in each round. Following an award, the results of the research undertaken or a report on the study visit must be sent to the HMS for possible inclusion in the Journal and the HMS newsletter. Any unused funds must be returned to the HMS.

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Completed forms should be sent to:

Michael Cowell, Hon. Treasurer, "Little Gables", 17A Thorncote Road, Northill, Bedfordshire, SG18 9AQ, UK.