The Archaeology Committee of the Historical Metallurgy Society was set up to improve communication between archaeologists and metallurgists. It meets regularly and initiates projects, workshops and study days on a range of topics of interest to both groups. Recent and current projects of the Archaeology Committee include:

Archaeometallurgy Datasheets

The Archaeology Committee has produced a range of highly successful datasheets to help archaeologists recognise and understand archaeological evidence for metallurgical activities. The datasheets served as a starting point for the Archaeometallurgy Guidelines produced in 2001 by English Heritage (now Historic England). Members of the committee were also closely involved in the development of the Historic England guidelines on Science for Historic Industries. The committee has recently started to revise the existing datasheets and add new datasheets on topics not previously covered.

Archaeometallurgy Research Framework

Historic England initiated the production of research frameworks for archaeology in England. There are nine regional research frameworks and several period-based research ones. The treatment of metallurgical issues in these research frameworks varies so the archaeology committee produced its own research framework covering metallurgy at all periods on a national scale. This was published as an Occasional Publication. A digital version is available for free download.

Metallurgy Glossary

Chris Salter and Brian Gilmour have produced a glossary of metallurgical terms. This document requires further contributions from the archaeometallurgical community. If you have any suggestions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..