HMS council meets twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn, to discuss the business and general running of the society. We are keen to welcome new members to council from the full spectrum of interests that the society currently serves

Meet the HMS Council Members

Mike Cowell (President)
Formerly at the British Museum, Department of Scientific Research, and retired in 2004 but maintains links with the Department. Worked on analytical studies of a wide range of materials and artefacts but particularly metalwork and especially coins. Specialised in ED-XRF and AAS techniques. Former Treasurer of HMS (1991-2013) and supports the current Treasurer by preparing the gift aid claims and other matters relevant to the accounts. Chair of the Grants Committee. Non-academic interests include bell-ringing, amateur dramatics, early American blues recordings.
Mike Cowell
Paul Rondelez (Chair)
Paul has a life-long interest in mining and metal production through his father's mineral collecting hobby. He obtained his Master's Degree in Archaeology at Ghent University (Belgium) with a thesis on Iron Age and Roman iron smelting in Belgium and his PhD degree based on research into late medieval iron production in Ireland. His interests also include non-ferrous metal mining in Ireland and the Irish charcoal-fired blast furnace.

Paul Rondelez
Jonathan Prus (Secretary)
Has first degrees in History and Politics, then Life Sciences, followed by a Ph.D. at Cranfield University and an MBA. He has been a member of HMS Council since 2014 and Hon. Gen. Secretary since 2017. He is an active member of the Wealden Iron Research Group. His principal interests are the unresolved aspects of bloomery technology, especially relating to draught, furnace thermal properties and slag chemistry. And a recently developing interest in the interrelated issues of skill, cognition and ideology among ancient ironworkers.

Jonathan Prus
Peter King (Treasurer)
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Justine Bayley (Joint Editor)
Justine has been a member of HMS Council since the early 1980s, serving as Treasurer from 1986 to 1991 and as Joint Editor since 1990. For many years she was also a member (later chairman) of the Archaeology Committee. She led the Technology Team at the Ancient Monuments Laboratory, which became part of English Heritage/Historic England, specialising in non-ferrous metal and glass working, and ran many ‘slag days’ that offered field archaeologists hands-on training in identifying metalworking debris. She is now an Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL and continues to lecture and research on various aspects of Roman and medieval metalworking.
Justine Bayley

Tim Young (Joint Editor)
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Eleanor Blakelock (Chair of MPP, Events Officer and Web Team Leader)
Eleanor Blakelock received her PhD in 2012 from the University of Bradford studying the technology of iron knives. As part of her sandwich degree course she worked for six months with the English Heritage Technology Team studying a range of ancient materials. She was the main scientist analysing the precious metals of the Staffordshire Hoard. Her main research interest is in the archaeometallurgy of the early medieval period.

Eleanor Blakelock
Gill Juleff (Crucible Editor)
Gill Juleff has been a member of HMS for many years. Gill first served on Council in the late 1990s and was Chair for a term. In recent years Gill returned to the Council and took over as joint editor of the Crucible in 2017. Gill’s primary research interest is in the early ferrous metallurgy of Asia involving fieldwork in Sri Lanka, India and China. Gill teaches at Exeter University and has supervised a wide range of archaeometallurgy PhD projects.

Dr Gill Juleff
Lorna Anguilano (Crucible Editor)
Lorna Anguilano joined HMS in 2015. Since the spring of 2016 she is co-editor of the Crucible. Lorna has a PhD in Archaeometallurgy from the Institute of Archaeology, UCL and she is a Research Fellow at Brunel University since 2012.

Dr Laura Anguilano
Rachel Cubitt
As well as serving on the HMS Council Rachel Cubitt is a member of the Archives and Collections Committee and the Web Team. She works for MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) as a Registered Finds Specialist, assessing and reporting on metalworking debris and individual objects made of metals and non-metals. She studied Archaeology at Durham University before completing a Masters in Archaeological Science at the University of Bradford.

Rachel Cubitt
Andrea Dolfini
Andrea Dolfini has been a member of HMS for many years and has served as a Council Member since 2013. He is a Senior Lecturer in Later Prehistoric Archaeology at Newcastle University (UK). He researches Neolithic and Bronze Age metal-working and metal-using through various interdisciplinary approaches including experimental archaeology and metalwork wear analysis.

Andrea Dolfini
Peter Halkon
Dr Peter Halkon has had an interest in early iron production since his childhood, picking up Iron Age and Roman iron slag, on his father’s farm in East Yorkshire. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, Department of History, University of Hull. His main research interests, apart from early iron production is in landscape archaeology, particularly of the later prehistoric (particularly the Arras Culture) and Roman periods. He has directed award-winning fieldwork in the Foulness Valley, East Yorkshire, where discoveries included the Iron Age Hasholme logboat, large scale Iron Age iron production sites and Roman settlements.

Peter Halkon
Sophia Adams
Dr Sophia Adams is an archaeologist specialising in later prehistoric metal artefacts with a background in fieldwork, with recent projects on examining chronology of Iron Age brooches and archaeological evidence for non-ferrous metalworking in Britain and Ireland from c.2500 BC to AD 50. She holds a PhD from the University of Leicester undertaken as a collaborative doctorate with The British Museum; and a MA and BA from University College London. Sophia is also on council for the Prehistoric Society and the Later Prehistoric Finds Group and is Branch Assistant for the North Downs Young Archaeologists Club.
Sophia Adams

Eddie Birch

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Peter Northover

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William Hawkes
William Hawkes is a professional conservator and trained jeweller. His conservation practice has encompassed a wide array of work on very wide and varied projects ranging from Roman and Anglo Saxon stone-set jewellery in both precious and copper alloy metals to napoleonic field carriage guns and a D-20 howitzer from the first gulf war. Additionally, Bill regularly provides consultation services to various organisations in relation to researching historic objects and their metallurgy, providing reports for the purposes of preventative and remedial conservation.

Bill Hawkes
Vanessa Cheel (Chair of the ACC)
Academic interests in Materials Characterisation have been blended with education and public outreach; committee experience was gained on the local Parish Council. Vanessa studied Engineering and Materials Sciences at first degree level and has a doctorate in Metallurgy & the Science of Materials which involved using light, x-rays, gamma rays, neutrons and electrons to investigate copper. Since the techniques were mastered, they’ve been applied to a variety of archaeological metals. Metallography, optical and electron microscopy are current pursuits. Small scale experimental metal working took place in the back garden.

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Matt Phelps
Matt Phelps joined HMS in 2010. From 2012-2017 he was part of The Crucible editorial team before joining the Web Team in Summer 2017. Matt recently finished his PhD in Archaeological Science at UCL and currently conducts freelance work on archaeological remains as a metal, slag and glass specialist.

Matt Phelps
David Cranstone

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